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For Workwear

  The use of XLA in elastic fabric subverts the traditional concept that the fabric of work clothes is solid, practical but not comfortable. XLA perfectly combines durability, comfort and design style, making work clothes durable and comfortable without sacrificing fitting, look and hand feeling.

Moreover, the permeability and heat resistance of XLA fabric reaches an unprecedented level. Weather in hotels, airports, hospitals or factories, XLA fabric can bring employers with valuable clothing, so that employees will feel confident and comfortable every day.

XLA fabric is specially developed for designers who pursuit perfection. Its inherent high temperature resistance helps work clothes can withstand temperatures up to 220℃ while maintaining a comfortable elastic and durable ease.

XLA fabric can also make inflame retardant protective clothing flexible and comfortable. Work clothing with XLA can withstand industrial washing and drying environment with temperatures up to 95℃ and will not shrink, fade or aging.





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